Cheap, Cheaper, MiniBidz

MiniBidz brings you a new way of buying great products at unbelievable low prices

With MiniBidz, trading is easy and affordable. We can also offer our customers useful fringe benefits for the auction, such as Price ceiling and Cashback. To make sure that we offer you a unique auction, we always promise the following:

1. SUPER BID: Once the Super Bid has been activated, the bidding time will be reduced hourly by one minute after each raise. This means that with an item with a 10 minute bidding time, 9 hours after activating the Super Bid, the bidding time will only be 1 minute from the last bid. Bidding time can be reduced as low as 15 seconds.

2. CASHBACK: As a reward, the second and third bidder of each auctioned item will receive free bids as Cashback. Cashback is activated once, after Super Bid is activated, Bidding time is reduced to one (1) minute.

3. BID WATCH: With Bid watch, you will keep track of desired items faithfully and conveniently. You can choose one item from an interesting category, and you will be notified when the item is the next to be auctioned. You will be notified again once the auction begins. This way you will ensure that you will not miss the bidding time.


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